How to treat a snake bite – info we should all have memorised



Getting bitten by a snake can be a very scary situation, especially if you are unsure of the type of snake that’s just bitten you.

Save this information onto your phone in case you are ever in a situation where you, or someone else, requires it.


Step 1: Call triple zero (000) and provide emergency care, including CPR if needed.

Step 2: Apply a pressure immobilisation bandage and keep yourself and/or the person who has been bitten calm.

–          Avoid washing the bite or surrounding area as any venom left can potentially be used to identify the snake for treatment purposes

–          DO NOT apply a tourniquet, suck the venom out, or cut the wound.

–          Remove any jewellery or tight clothing in case of swelling


All bites should be treated as an emergency if you are not 100% certain that the snake is not venomous.

Telling the difference between a dry bite and a bite with venom injected is very hard until the side effects have started, so always seek immediate medical attention.

To apply an immobilization bandage:

–          Wrap the bite and surrounding area firmly in a pressure bandage

–          Immobilize entire limb with a heavy crepe or elasticised roller bandage, starting at the toes or fingers (depending on where bitten) and moving up the body and splint on either side.

If you do not have access to either of these types of bandages do your best to improvise until medical assistance arrives.

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