Day: November 9, 2018

Albino Darwin Pythons

Darwin Python Care and Advice Sheet   General Information Natural Habitat: Primarily Northern Territory, north-east Western Australia, and western Queensland. Size: Up to approximately 2 meters in length when in captivity, however can exceed this length. Life Expectancy: Darwin pythons can live up to approximately 20 years, and in some cases longer. Living Temperatures: Day […]

Pygmy Bearded Dragons

Pygmy Bearded Dragon Care and Advice Sheet   Quick Facts: Common Name: Pygmy Bearded Dragon or Black Soil Bearded Dragon Scientific Name: Pogona henrylawsoni Colour: Grey and light-to-dark tan in alternating bands Size: Generally 20 – 25cm however, can grow as big as 30cm Life expectancy: Approximately 10 years in captivity Temperament: Calm but active, […]